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Portrait of Barbara Noriega holding a camera in St George, Utah
White Branch


I believe I'm one of the luckiest people on earth, and I never take what I do for granted!   Every day I go to work I am surrounded by LOVE everywhere!  ...and even better I get to experience and contribute to this overwhelming feeling of happiness and love!  -how lucky can I be?

I shoot weddings and portraits, and might even be invited to shoot your wedding.

How awesome would that be?  I would love that!

Let's connect!!

Things I Love

Lake Runnymede Conservation Area in Osceola County Florida | Barbara Noriega Photography

*My family,


*The ocean and sunlight

*I Love to Travel

*Dancing when no one is looking!

*Love to laugh and eat pasta,

*Love a good cup of coffee,

*I love walking 

*Love people and photographing them

*My Favorite Holiday is Halloween,

*My Favorite Season is Winter

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