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Mistakes to avoid when hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

Since your wedding is the most important day in your life as a couple, do you really want to trust anyone to capture your memories. After the party has ended, music has died down, decor is gone and everyone leaves the only real glimpse at what just happened are your photos and video. You want a professional that can capture all the emotions of the day as you remember them to be.

Romantic ceremony on the Oceanfront at The tides Collocated Club | Barbara Noriega Photography

Wedding ceremony at the tides collocated club  Patrick AFB | Barbara Noriega Photography

Mistake # 1

Falling in love with the work and style of a particular photographer and hiring another with a totally different body of work. Thinking this photographer will be able to produce the same results. Remember the saying "apples to apples" ? You will be disappointed if you are expecting apples and receive oranges instead. It doesn't compare, fight for what you want! You deserve the wedding and memories you've dreamed about.

Bridal party laughing and enjoying the moment with the bride and groom at the tides collocated club| Barbara Noriega Photography

Tip: If there is a budget problem try to adjust it, giving up some less relevant items. Some professionals also offer deferred payment plans.

Bride and Groom hand in hand mesmerizing glaze into each others eyes at The Tides Collocated Club |Barbara Noriega Photography

Mistake # 2

Personality clash - first impressions are very important, but getting to know your photographer is essential in order to make a connection. You need to be totally comfortable with your photographer otherwise disappointment is guaranteed.

Follow the photographer on social media, which will give you a glimpse of his or her personality and style.

Tip: Talk with the prospective photographer, to find out if aside from making beautiful photos he or she is a nice person. Meeting at local coffee shop or through zoom can also be revealing.

Mistake #3

Missing photos of important family members

Failing to go over a photography list is very important. You must remember that during your wedding day you are bound to be distracted by a million and one things. Remembering to take a photograph with Aunt Sally and Uncle Bob might slip to the sideline. Unless you have a detailed list of everyone that you want a photo with.

Tip: Talk with your photographer in advance and make a list with the names of the people you need to be photographed with.

Bride at beach with parents on either side at The Tides Collocated Club, Patrick Air Force Base, FL | Barbara Noriega Photography



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